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Special Guests, DQVC and Downloadable quests question?

I recently got onto DQVC, and downloaded Alena, Kiryl, Ashlynn and Angelo, I also used the shop feature twice and completed most of the quests I got (About 20 recieved). I went on again the next day, but I only got new stock. How can I get more Special guests? How can I get more quests? And how can I get the party popper item? I missed it by not buying it and I need it now!

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FrogTheWarrior answered:

The DQVC feature has things that unlock at different time intervals:

The shopping stock updates daily.
New quests are added each Friday.
Special guests are added every other Friday.

The party popper item is a DQVC exclusive, so you just have to wait for it to appear in the shopping stock.

Hope that helps!
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