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How do I activate quest 42?

So I've finished DQIX, got lots of high level grottos and am working through quests, but the guy outside stornway church still doesn't have the quest! I have a water grotto with bling badgers, so I CAN do the quest... is there a prerequisite not listed in the quest FAQ?

Accepted Answer

yab answered:

You have to have 47 completed first... I think you also have to have completed at least one water grotto but I'm not sure about that.
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dragonsakura22 answered:

Have you finnished the story? This quest is a post-game quest
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ShiftyD93 answered:

I have completed all the currently released quests, aside from this one. I've started it, I just have yet to find the proper grotto. The best advice I can give is to say try doing other quests that are close in number to this one, that helped me every time I couldn't start a quest. I wish I could give a more exact answer, but I'm just suggesting what helped me every time I was in your situation. :)
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Tgdf8 answered:

Try this: and look for quest guide by zaraff
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007Sniper014 answered:

According to the cheat guide, Beat a grotto, as he won't trust you till you do.
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