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Questions about party members?

First off, if party members die in battle. Are they lost forever (considering you just got them from the Inn) or can you revive them?
The only other game I played where you recruit party members was Shining Force and in that game if they died they were done. That's why I'm asking here.
Second, can Mages learn any healing spells? If not, when I'm able to change classes, which should I change to for them to learn? And after they've learned, can I turn them back to a Mage and have them still use it?

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Thanks for the info guys. One last question, not really game-wise helpful. But I'm just curious about it. Can other party members do party tricks or just your main character?

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Thanks for all your help guys. Appreciated.

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dire_x answered:

If a party member dies in battle you can revive them at the church for a fee based on the dead characters level or you can cast zing (50% chance of revive) or Kazing.

Mages don't learn healing spells, however a Sage (obtained much later in the game) learns some healing and damage spells.

And when you change class you lose the spells you gained from the class however you keep anything you get from spending ability points.
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baratron answered:

1) Party members can be revived. Churches have a Resurrection option, and several classes learn Zing, which has a 50% chance of resurrecting them. Sages (obtained much later in the game) learn Kazing, which is 100% reliable. Also, there is an island with a tree which grows Yggdrasil Leaves, an item that can be used to resurrect a dead character.

2) Mages don't learn any healing spells, BUT if you put skill points into the Wand ability, they are able to cast Caduceus. This healing ability heals up to ~90 HP depending on your overall Wand level. It is reached at level 44 Wand, and I can't believe I know that off by heart. For more information about the prayers and abilities of the different classes, look at Dragovian1's Vocational Skill/Spell FAQ.
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baratron answered:

Just the main character.
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