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Where can I find the rusty weapons?

Were can I find the rusty helmet, rusty torso, rusty gauntlets, rusty boots, rusty knee cap and rusty shield? Plz help me.

little_Assassin provided additional details:

Well now i know how 2 make the helmet and sword so can someone tell me the rest?

little_Assassin provided additional details:

I'm on the last dungeon (tower of almighty) so were do I find the rusty gauntlets, rusty torso, rusty knee cap and rusty boots.

psylocke8 asked for clarification:

I looked on the quest list under #178 and the reward is Agate of Evolution and recipes. You have to equip Erdricks gauntlet to finish this quest. Has anyone actually gotten the rusty gauntlet?


Luiman04 answered:

I don't know all but the helmet you get from Max Meddlin for 62 medals and the sword in the realm of the almighty
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etwdog answered:

this is from ninjaQtrain not me

Sword - The Realm of the Mighty on the 8F
Shield - Quest #49
Helmet - Cap'n Max Meddlin in Dourbridge for 62 mini medals
Armor - Quest #177
Gauntlets - quest #178
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serter11 answered:

The quest gives you the gaulets u just need the outher stuff plus some glass frit and orichulm
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