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Whats the fastest way to lvl up?

I cant seam to keep metal slimes from fleeing and i know about the metal medley but im not there yet.

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VulpesMundi answered:

You pretty much answered your own question. To keep them from running you'll basically need to work on permanent Agility bonuses. You'll also want to work on either spears or axes for their 50% critical hit skills (Thunder Thrust and Hatchet Man, respectively), since any crit will be a guaranteed kill on a metal with their low HP. You'll also want permanent MP bonuses so you can use those skills. And just for reference...

Metal Slime: Grottoes, Quarantomb, Pluvi Isle, and Slime Hill (post-game).
Metal Medley: Grottoes, Bad Cave, Lonely Coast, and Slime Hill (post-game).
Liquid Metal Slime: Grottoes, the Bowhole, and Slime Hill (post-game).
Metal King Slime: Grottoes and the Tower of Nod (post-game).
Platinum King Jewel: Grottoes only (highest ranks, lowest floors).
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