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'Out of Control' Spells?

I know when a spell goes out of control, it's basically a magical critical hit. But is there a factor that can increase/decrease the chance of it happening?

Also, is there any spells that are unable to go out of control. So far, I've only seen Damage Spells and Heal/Midheal go out of control and I'm wondering if it's possible for spells with fixed recovery (like Fullheal & Omniheal) to go out of control, as well, or if it's just the spells that are affected by Tension Increases...

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Well, I know for sure that it isn't only bosses; since I've seen the occasional small monster do it (rare, though), and I also had my mage and priest do it, too (also rare). Anyway, I was mostly asking if spells like Fullheal/Omniheal could go haywire, as it's called in the game. I might also throw in Zing... if that could also go haywire and bring a full recovery instead of the half... anyway, I'm just curious, and it's not that big of a deal, but knowing the game functions would really help a lot, I think.

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kokushishin answered:

Aside from "Critical Spell Rate Up" from Spellcraft, it's not clear if anything else boosts the %.
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luckyu19 answered:

You are talking about magic going haywire.
I think deftness would affect haywire, but no absolute certainty.
Also, I can't see how something that's fixed can go haywire.
Tension would only affect offensive attack/spell.
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rh3ia answered:

Maybe its only bosses that get hay-wire spells?My friend took 20 try's with myself in her world to NEARLY kill Hootingam-Gore in Gittingham palace.Hi spell almost always went hay-wire! So I defenetly think only bosses(high levelled!)can cast OUT OF CONTROL SPELLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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