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Deafeating liutenant hootingham gore ?

so i fight him and his mates and get creamed all boring details here:
Level 37, weapon-fire blade, white knights shield, dragon warrier equipment,mighty armlet.
Martial Atrist:
Level 34, weapon- driller piller, armour- mercurys bandana, alenas dress, leather gauntlets, popsocks, wellingotn boots, prayer ring
Level 34, Weapon- dragonsbane Armour- iron shiled, slime crown, Ashlyns clothes, Iron gauntlets, blue jeans, safety shoes, spirit bracer.
Level 31, Weapon-Mistick, Armour-iron shield, Mitre, Templars togs, Einhaender, Red tights, Blessed Boots, Sober ring

P.S. Im very low on coins and I have a Thief and a mage at Pattys Party Planning place aroung level 25 x x

xcheekymonkey7x provided additional details:

Ahh thank you :)

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jeronimo777 answered:

First things first, level up your priest a little, that will help. After that, focus on taking out the two armor guys. They are the big problem. After that, Hootingham becomes very easy. He mostly uses Swoosh spells, so it helps to cast magic barriers. Also, have your warrior use a falcon blade, and spam falcon slash with that. You will do a lot more damage.

Of course, what you decide to do is up to you. You don't have to do as I say.
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xcheekymonkey7x answered:

Ok, but where can you get a falcon blade ?
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pitiex answered:

You should have acquired Ultimate Key, right?
Go inside your ship...
Find the red chest inside the ship for falcon blade....
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