Question from firestarter16

Question about revocation?

What exactly are the benifits of revocating other than getting more skill points because i dont see the point in it can somebody help me out here?


QuackOutLoud answered:

Yes, that is true, one benefit is getting more skill points. However, revocationing can also benefit by learning new skills, to use if available. Those extra skills may greatly benefit you, whether it be guarding from a boss, or a skill reflecting magic,
You may also want to change job completely, like in case you don`t like your job at all. It`s all up to you.
I do it for free/extra skill points, skills, as well as boredom!
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firestarter16 answered:

Well i have over 160 extra skill points and some how im only leval 33 and my other minstrel is level 63 and i already have more mp than it is thatt one of the benafits?
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Spiderkid4 answered:

I've heard that you can get a medal for the class you just revocated from. So if you revocate your thief, you can get an "Honor Among Thieves" badge, or if a warrior, you'll get an "Order of Chivalry", and so forth. I think that you can only get a badge once, though, and if you revocate again you can get a map. I may be mistaken, though.
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