Question from pitiex

Asked: 4 years ago

Hot Lick/Maoi Minstrel Help?

What am I supposed to do with Quest 118 (Luminaria Vocation Unlocked)?
I already defeat several maoi minstrels with Hot Lick...
But there is no notification that I beat it with Hol Lick..
Anyone can help? Thanks,...

Additional details - 4 years ago

well, I try to talk and kill the moai minstrel again...
and it works...

maybe this is a Bug??
anyway thanks, guys...

Accepted Answer

From: WildWesley 4 years ago

Strange. I would talk to the luminary in Gleeba again. If he doesn't grant you the luminary, then try killing another Maoi Minstrel with Hot Lick and see if it says you succeeded.
Most missions tell you how close you are to completing the terms, but not all of them.

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Make sure you actually accepted the quest (just being sure). The Moai Minstrel must be killed by Hot Lick (the final blow). You only need to defeat one. After that, talk to the Minstrel in Alltrades Abbey again and he'll tell you to make someone in the prison in Stornway smile. Do that and you unlock the Luminary vocation.

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Are you mistaken for Minstrel Quest (obtain Minstrel manual) or not? The bottom half of your answer match with that.....

Put that aside, I'm sure I already accepted the quest.... It's already in my Normal Quest list (marked blue)
Also, I already finished a moai minstrel with Hot Lick as final blow as well. But nothing happens

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