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Where can I find supernova sword?

Currently my hero is still using miracle sword but would want a stronger one. Any ideas where i could get the supernova sword or an earlier version?

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AwesomeAzn answered:

The supernova sword like Luiman04 said can be found in high level grottoes or it can be alchemized from a nebula sword,3 agates of evolution, and 3 silver orbs. You can get a nebula sword from high level grottoes or by alchemizing a stardust sword,1 agate of evolution,and 1 silver orb and the only way to get a stardust sword is from high level grottoes. I hope this helped. <('.'<) (>'.')> [= =[ I . I 8D
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Luiman04 answered:

High level grottoes, it's a rare find in the chests.
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pitiex answered:

Find it is S class blue chest on high level grottoes....
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Amon_Avenestra answered:

That's a jump from miracle to supernova. For starters you probably can alchemize you miracle sword to uber miracle sword. You could buy the fire blade in Upover and alchemize an inferno blade. My favorite however is the wonderful uber falconblade. These swords should be able to help you out until you go after that supernova.
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