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How do I know what level the grotto's are ?

By level, I mean (S-A-B-C-D-etc...)

Is it by the name of the map?


VulpesMundi answered: 937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/ 55674123

(Remove the spaces.)

First post explains it all. If you're way past calculating the exact number, you can get the basic range by comparing total floors (not including the boss floor), what rank the monsters start at on the first floor, and what boss you face.
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albelclaw answered:

The first part (diamond,sapphire) decides monster and chest ranks, the more valuable the item the better. The second part (Mine, World) is number of floors and to a certain extent environment. I'm guessing the bigger an area the word represents the more floors, and things like icehall will be an ice environment. The last part (Fear, Bliss) is for the boss. The more sinister sounding, the higher rank the bosses. I think the ranks go
Equinox, Nemean, Shogun
Truaminator, Elusid
Atlas, Fowleye, Hammibal
Excalipurr, Tyrannosuarus Wrecks, Greygnarl
I'm not sure about the last two ranks being 100% correct, but theyre close. OH and I don't know where to place Sir Sanguinus, but I'm guessing either 2nd or 3rd.
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dean1999 answered:

Look over to the side. U should see it
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jaimequest answered:

When you slecet the map befour slecting it has the levle next it.
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Depotato answered:

On top floor take note of 3/4 monsters and then visit here:
At the bottom, match the monsters the the environ/rank
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