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If I max out all the jobs to level 100 for one character?

Will there be enough points to get every weapon and job class to 100 points?

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Jahozafat124 answered:

On second thought, I take that back, it might be possible to max out all your skills if you cap all the jobs. The reason behind my change is that there are 12 jobs. Since you can max out 2 trees on your trip to level 99, this means you can have one tree plus the tree that is job specific. IIRC there are only 10 types of weapons in the game, so there trees plus the shield and fisticuff trees should round out to exactly enough skill points to max everything out. I will provide the list of weapon types I can remember, if there are any I have forgotten, then disregard this post. Sword, Boomerang, Bow, Whip, Axe, Hammer, Claw, Staff, Lance, Knife.

The reason I can`t check right now is because I am using my game system to answer, and its still a pain
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Jahozafat124 answered:

First of all, the level cap is 99 not 100. Second, to answer the question, no it will not, at least not your first time leveling up. In order to completely max out your skill trees you will have to go through revocation at All Trades Abbey. What this will do is reset your job level to 1, but you will get to keep your skill points. 2 things about revocation though, you will NOT have level 99 stats, your stats shall revert to level 1 status + any natural stat boosts gained from job trees. The other thing is you MUST be level 99 to revocate.
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