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Quarentomb Basement?

I keep seeing the ghost whenever I enter the quarentomb basement. what is his story? I live in an area that is blind to Wireless internet and so I can not access the DLC option to access the quests to find out. it is a question that has been bothering me for a while I would really like to know.


Luiman04 answered:

You'll find out his story with a DLC so yea you'll keep seeing him until you get the quest
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pitiex answered:

He is King Godfrey (father of King Godwyn)...
It is a DLC quest...
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baratron answered:

I'm a little confused by your claim that your AREA is blind to wireless internet - you do know wifi is usually something that you create in your own home by buying a wireless router? There exist various DS dongles that allow you to connect to the DLC using the broadband connection of a computer. The official Nintendo DS wifi dongle has been discontinued for mysterious reasons, but various third party ones still exist and are available in video game shops and Amazon/eBay.

Of course, if what you mean is that your area doesn't have BROADBAND internet, I understand.
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