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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I defeat King godwyns second form?

Minstrel lv. 44
Priest lv.39
Warrior lv. 41
M.A. lv. 42

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In this fight try focusing mostly on healing. Use your priest and minstrel mostly to heal, and try getting the meditate ability for your MA it heals around 80.

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How can you get the meditate ability ?

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Your team's better than mine but I beat King Godwyn on my 7th try! He was quite hard but oddly I was off school tomorrow and beat him! Also, I used a mage instead of a martial artist so you could try that.

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Pro tip: Egg on and Psych up are very useful. Use them on your M.A. and left him use Flailing nails/Hardclaw.

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Great team just get your priest level 40-41 just go and fight luiquid metal slimes until those levels other than that what weapons do your people use

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