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Asked: 4 years ago

Priest/Mage or Sage?

I'm currently trying to complete the quest to unlock the Sage class, but should I keep my Priest and Mage as they are or make them both Sages?

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If you're not doing high level legacy boss runs I'd make em both sages. The advantage of sages are more MP and a wider variety of spells (both healing and damage spells) and I feel they are all around more useful than Mages.

Priests are still useful to have around since they have higher magical mending than sages, however for grotto diving and the like sages may be a better pick since they have Kazing and can use offensive spells when not healing.

Though you should still level up the priest because you will need the increased healing ability for high level legacy bosses.

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Go with sage Hes got good spells like kabuff and Kaboomle

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I recommend changing your mage into a sage, as it's his spells in a better form, and keep your priest as a healer.

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