Question from firestarter16

Asked: 4 years ago

What can u make with an agate of evolution through alchemy because...?

I have no use for the agate of evolution because it doesnt do anything and i want to get rid of it.Any suggestions?

Accepted Answer

From: LokkerG 4 years ago

Agates of Evolution can be used in alchemy to get stronger versions of certain weapons and armor. The grottoes with high rankings have the ability to produce blue chests with super-rare weapons and armor. This equipment can also be dropped by grotto bosses (it's quite low, however), but getting these is very lucky. The other hitch is that you have to have access to Legacy Boss maps, since you need colored orbs to upgrade these rare pieces of equipment (depends on which ones you're alchemizing). The Agate of Evolution is the main item you need for accomplishing this. The rarest ones come from Alche-miracles (high level of one stat affects the chance of performing one), and are the only items with 5* rarity.

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It upgrades the best equipment in the game!!! I'd keep that if I were you, when you get one of the equipment you'll regret getting rid of it.

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What equipment ive beat the entire game-already have an agate-dont even know what equipment it is for

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