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How do I beat Corvus?

How do I beat Corvus final form?
My team is:
Warrior lvl 51
Gladiator lvl 35
Martial Artist lvl 46
Ranger lvl 42

For my warrior I have 100 sword skill, gladiator 74 axe skill
martial artist 83 claw skill and (my team healer) ranger 76 bow skill.

If u need more info tell me plz.

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baratron answered:

I can see two possible problems here.
1) Gladiators, Martial Artists and Rangers cannot equip shields. Do yours have Shield level 100?

2) You're using a Ranger as your healer? If I recall correctly, Cheiron's Bow heals everyone, but not very well. And Moreheal from my Ranger (level 62) only heals the exact 165 HP that it suggests in the description.

I suspect that you need to switch someone out for a Priest or Sage. Both have Multiheal, which heals everyone 100+ HP. Both will heal much more than 165 HP using Moreheal, due to their superior Magical Mending stat. (My Sage at level 48 heals close to 250 HP). Sages are superior because they get Kazing at level 45, which is guaranteed to resurrect a team member; but Priests have a naturally high Magical Mending stat than Sages do.

If that's impossible, then you'll need to give everyone Yggdrasil Leaves and Yggdrasil Dew, and hope for the best.

I'd also recommend that you have someone who can cast Oomph. Renners23 is correct that Corvus can heal himself a lot, and you need to be able to do more than 500 HP of damage per turn to compensate for this. The best way to achieve this is with someone fully Egged On/Psyched Up AND with Oomph and a powerful weapon. I don't think it matters WHICH weapon.

Your actual levels are plenty high enough (my team was around level 42-44 when I finished the game), so I really do think it's the shielding and healing issues that are the problem.
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mansnow answered:

Well What I did is use Psyche up to 100 for 2 people then I defeated him.
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Renners23 answered:

You will need to be able to do loads of damage because he can heal himself 500 when he meditates. he can use magic burst which does loads of damage to your team and cant be reflected with magic mirror or mirror armour. with my gladiator i kept using hatchet man. get some wonder pants once you have 100 bow skill and talk to the bow insructor his quest will be use rain of pain to kill 10 boss trolls the he will say give me some wonder pants which you cant buy and he will give you shining shot. for me it does about 376 damage
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