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Baramos is totally wiping me out. Please help?

So, I've been post game for a while now and I've tried taking Baramos on. Here's my party:

Gladiator lvl: 54 Maxed out sword and shield with 64 guts
Martial Artist: lvl 64 Maxed out fisticuffs and 77 claw skill
Sage: lvl 39 Maxed spear 90 bow and 56 enlightenment
Paladin: lvl 57 Maxed hammer and 44 virtue

And here's the gear they're wearing.
Gladiator: Uber falcon, metal slime shield, erdrick's helm, gigant armor, light gauntlets battle britches, payback pumps and meteorite bracer

MA: Dragonlord claws, steely sweatband, combat top, crimson gauntlets, combat trousers, she-fu shoes, ruby of protection

Sage: Blinding bow/Sage's staff, silver shield, minerva's mitre, cape of good carma, gloomy gloves, tantric trousers, brahman boots, goddess ring

Paladin: Hela's hammer, silver shield, metal slime helm, sacred armour, light gauntlets, chainmail socks, saintly sollerets, spirit bracer

Any suggestions?

Luiman04 asked for clarification:

Miracle sword is one

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baratron answered:

I can see two problems with your team:
1) Your Sage is too low-level. You want them to be level 45 so you have Kazing.
2) Your Martial Artist doesn't have Shield level 100, so is unprotected.

Also you haven't mentioned any scrolls that you have. I hope your Sage has the Shield Scroll, and all four characters are holding Yggdrasil Leaves in case of emergency.

I actually didn't find Baramos (at least at level 1 & 2) very difficult. I cast Magic Mirror on all four of my characters, along with Acceleratle from my Mage, Ice Fource from my Armamentalist and Insulatle from my Sage. Then it was just a case of whittling down his HP. Half the time, Baramos's magic attacks reflected off one or more of my team members, doing him damage instead of me.

There's a similar question to this here:
quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/answers?qid=226283 (without the space, obviously)
Go with jujubeeza and fOrMerjourno's answers.
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Swiftblade09 answered:

Buffs are your friend.
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Chris_Lv255 answered:

Use the Magic Mirror + Forbearance combo on your toughest character to soak up all the damage while relflecting attack spells. This saves your healer mana by only having to heal one character while the other two just do as much damage as possible.

I used this strategy to beat Baramos Lv.1, only needing to revive characters twice the whole fight.
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