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Is a Minstrel a good Vocation?

I was wondering if the Minstrel Vocation is any good. What are they best known for?


LeeOhNee_tT answered:

The Minstrel vocation is the one you start as. Personally, I liked it, but then I got annoyed that it was so average. They get spells, but not good ones and they have alright attack and defense.
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Luiman04 answered:

Their the most basic and average of the 12 classes. They don't really exel in anything.
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pitiex answered:

What minstrel best is its charm points...
charm sometimes make monsters become enthralled (lose an action)
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pikachuboy7 answered:

Minstral is ok but if you liked it you should go for luminary once you are able because its like an uber minstral.
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annihilator127 answered:

I think it's probably good, especially if you're going 'solo' or entering someone else's game. Minstrels can use both recovery spells and offensive spells, for one thing. And the coup de grace is good against bosses. (accented 'a' doesn't work...)
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jbl8199 answered:

I think it's one of the better vocations if not THE best vocation. They're good "all-around" characters. They have a good mix of spells and equipment they can use. That's what I pick for my main character. It's good for early on in the game and when you're level grinding.
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finnsterman answered:

Well it depends if your the a kinda minstrely person, minstrels are basically all-rounders you know medium defence, medium attack so... yeah they're pretty good, your choice.
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ja2d answered:

Minstrels are known for being well rounded and varied. Though they're average in that regard. But this can be settled by adding multiple skill sets. What I mean is, If you want more strength and hp, go with warrior, gladiator, or both. If you need a boost in magical mending, go with priest, paladin, ranger, or all/a combo. Magical might? Mage, and others I can't think of off the top of my head. And blah blah blah, point is, going minstrel solo, not much use. But if you want general versatility, I suggest investing in multiple vocations.
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