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Where do you find a moai minstrel? ( American version)

Where do you find a Moai minstrel so i can unlock the last occupation?

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Tekkaman_James answered:

Moai Minstrels can only be found in mid-to-high level grottos. The Grotto's name gives you an indication of the type of grotto that it is and what type of monsters might dwell within it. It's not a very easy formula to explain, but here's some general information:

Grotto names are constructed like this: [Mineral] [Environment] of [Emotion] Lv. XX

The Mineral tells you how strong the monsters within the grotto are going to be. For Moai Minstrels, we are looking for the following minerals; Copper, Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond.

The Environment tells you what type of landscape the grotto will contain. For Moai Minstrels, we are looking for Nature/Cave or Water grottos. Those types of grottos are described as; Cave, Mine, Lair, Path, Crypt, Nest, World, Abyss, Marshe, Lake, Moor, Waterway, and Chasm.

The Emotion tells you what type of boss monster lies at the grotto's bottom. This information is not essential in finding Moai Minstrels, so I will skip this.

The Level is assigned to the grotto based on the various factors that I've already mentioned. This formula is also quite difficult to explain, but Moai Minstrels will most likely be found between levels 50 and 99. It might be possible to find them at levels lower than 50, but there's really no guarantee.
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Red_Tape answered:

You can find Moai minstrels in High Level Grottoes.
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