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Asked: 4 years ago

Do natural stats carry on over when you change vocations?

In certain jobs when i level them up, they will gain Natural Stats raising stats.
If i change vocation, will the natural stats stay, or will it only be in effect when i am that vocation?
i.e. As a Gladiator I put in enough skill points to raise 'Natural Stat +10 HP'. Does that work only as Gladiator, or with any vocation?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Another question (maybe i should just open a new question...) :
I heard somewhere that you can only change vocation ten times, is that true?!
And if so, that means that if i run out of all ten, i'm stuck?!

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From: Tekkaman_James 4 years ago

To answer your secondary question: You can change vocations any number of times that you like.

What you are thinking of is REvocations. This is the process of resetting a vocation back to Level 1 after you have gotten it to Level 99. The act of revocation allows you to re-level a vocation from the beginning but with the benefit of retaining all of the skill points you've already spent. Thus allowing you to get a new batch of skill points to spend on more skills.

Where the number "10" comes into play is in regards to the fact that, if your main character revocates a job 10 times, you will receive an Accolade. There is an Accolade for every job, so ideally your main character would have revocated every job 10 times each to earn them all. Even here, the "10" is not a limit. You can revocate a million times per job if you really wanted to, the game is merely only programmed to keep track of the first 10.

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All stats that are increased when they specifcally say "Natural (stat name here)" will carry over to any of the other vocations.

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Anything that you gained by putting Skill Points into it carries over from class to class. Anything that you learned automatically by reaching a specific level does not carry over.

Example: If you have a Minstrel and you put 22 Skill Points into Litheness, the "Charm +30" that you gain will carry over from class to class. However, if you have that same Minstrel at level 21 where they automatically learn Midheal, that spell will NOT carry over from class to class. It will always be available whenever to change back into a Minstrel, but that is all.

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