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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat King godwyn (dragon form)?

Ive been trying for ages to beat King godwyn just when I think its all over he turns into a dragon please can some one give me some tips at least tell me what his health is?

Thank you
DQ man Tomthechickenman

Additional details - 4 years ago

Where can I find a Magic mirror?

Accepted Answer

From: PokemonVeteran 4 years ago

Are you running solo or with a four man party? Solo is a little harder to do because healing yourself during th fights is critical. A four man party has it slightly easier because you can still heal while damaging him.

Regardless of what your party set up is, Godwyn is heavily magic reliant. When fighting both forms, wearing the Mirror armor and using the shield skill Magic Mirror will help tremendously. Both of these will reflect his Kerfrizz back at him. With that set, make sure that you have the strongest weapon(s) available to you and hit him.

One last thing to note however, is that in both forms Godwyn loves to spam Disruptive Wave. This takes away any buffs that you might have active, including tension, oomph, etc. it'd probably be better if you can avoid using buffs for this fight, because it might distract you from hurting him, healing, etc.

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Magic Mirror is a shield skill.

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