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Easy way to get sage class?

Tell me how much hp they have and that and like whats the best strategy to finish them off with frizz

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Tekkaman_James answered:

Great Trolls have anywhere from 750 to 800 HP. Have one or two of your heavy-hitters weaken the Great Troll by about 650 HP. If you have someone who's knows "Egg On", have them start to power up your Mage's Tension. Additionally, if your Mage happens to have "Psyche Up", have them do so. Once the Great Troll has been weakened and your Mage has reached at least 50 Tension, have your Mage use "Channel Anger" to boost their Magical Might (assuming your Mage has learned this skill). Finally, have your Mage cast "Frizz" and it should easily finish the Great Troll off in one hit. Just be sure you have either a Warrior with Whipping Boy or a Paladin with Forbearance to protect your Mage from attack. The Great Troll usually won't do too much damage, but his Critical Hits could certainly kill a spellcaster outright. Good luck!
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Mattechoo answered:

Apparently the Great trolls have 768HP. Take off about 600-650 then start using frizz.
Strategy-wise it'll depend entirely on who else (if anyone) you have in your party. I'd nearly finished the game before I got the Sage vocation and already had the Paladin job with Forbearance as an ability. Everything else seemed sooooo easy.
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