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A general question about revocating?

I understand why you want to revocate (bonus to treasure maps, more skill points, bonus item), my question is a bit more technical - Say you have a level 99 Warrior, you revocate, but your max lvl in another class is only 80. If you are going for high level grottos, will your bonus for them only be for your level 80 job + a *5 for your one revocated class? In other words: will I lose my level 99 'bonus' to treasure maps and it will now only be level 80?


Mattechoo answered:

Nope. I think the grottoes use the highest level that you have HAD at any time in your questing. I've revocated my Gladiator and still seem to get some high level grottoes even though the highest level I have in any other vocation is my Lv 55 Warrior. The maps still seem to be getting harder and longer.
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22whiterabbit22 answered:

You should still be fine. It is based off of the highest level you have had, and the number of times you revocate. (And possibly the number of maps you clear.)
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Arashmin answered:

Actually, it does.

The reason I know is that I screwed up and tossed the first map after getting some other better ones, long before the seed technique was discovered. But even worse, I didn't have that boss available for the Sage quest.

Undeterred, I got to level 99 in my present class, and revocated - now I was at level 30 for my highest class. At level 90, in the lowest level grottoes I had (level 5), I was getting level 40-80 level maps, on average. When level 30 became my highest, I was getting as low as 22, which got me that first grotto boss (*whew*).

So, the best way around it, is just to have a class always at level 99, and then revocate all the others until you have the full set of maps you desire.
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