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If you get 999 at something, does the weapon you have matter?

The seed run guide shows you how to get all the types of seeds, if you got enough strength seeds, and got to 999, would the type of sword/axe/etc. you're using matter?

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WildWesley answered:

The best sword would be the Falcon/Uber Falcon blade.

Damage is no longer a factor if you reach 999 strength. You should only take into account the effects of the weapon at that point (such as 1 hit ko, attack twice, etc..).
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ionbeam2342 answered:

No,if ur strength got up to 999 it doesn't matter wat weapon ur using because the weapons attack power doesn't increase
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mobung answered:

Sort of. The Falcon Blade and Uber Falcon Blade allow you to attack twice, making them the best sword to use with a max Strength character. However, there are no other weapons in the other weapon classes (to my knowledge) that provide a similar bonus, so there probably isn't much difference which bow or axe you use.
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Amon_Avenestra answered:

Adding to the above should try the martial artist vocation. The multifists skill would be insane. It doesn't cost any mp to use either. I agree with WildWesley in that at the level of 999 strength I would get something that one shot kills a monster. Maybe a poison needle..... falcon knife earrings double hit enemies as well.
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