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Best items for Warrior?

Just want to know.

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Oh and I am using a spear.

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And yet again which is better im at the guy who changes yoor class should I get Warrior or Priest?


crone_nick answered:

Well, there are two things hat you are asking: What is the stuff that is best in stats for a warrior, or the armour that they are shown with. For a warrior, I'd say the best in stats would be mirror armour, wich is purchased in Upover, the Dragon Warrior trousers, wich you are given as a gift, Dragon Warrior boots, another gift, the Mithril helm, wich is purchased in Upover, and the battlers bracers, also in Upover. The armor it is shown with is the warrior armor, wich is a gift from a quest, the warrior's trousers, wich you buy in Bloomingdale, warrior's boots, also in Bloomingdale, the warriors gloves, I forget where you get those :[ the warrior's helm, ALSO in Bloomingdale, and the warriors sword, wich you alchemise.

P.S. You should get a preist.
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Depotato answered:

Weapon: Red hot Poker
Shield (if learnt): Soul Sucker
Helmet: Heavenly Helm
Armor: Legendary Armor
Gauntlet: Sol Invictus Gauntlets
Leggings: Infinity Trousers
Boots: Boots of Beatitude (Sentient Sandals for evading)
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