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Where is Iron Lair of Woe lv. 26?

I'm having trouble finding it. And before you say 'check the faqs', I already did.

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inertiaspark answered:

It could be at multiple possible locations, as locations are determined randomly and a specific name usually has more than one place at which it can be: one way to find it is to check the "maps and charts" section of the FAQs tab and look at each chart individually until you find a picture that looks like the top screen when you're searching for the grotto.

Additionally, the Grotto Mechanics FAQ Has a section which begins with Q. Where is "<name of grotto>" located? That section provides two excellent links. One of them is to a page that basically combines all the maps and charts into one large page and numbers the locations based on how they're stored internally. The other allows filtering for, for example, only locations which have a bridge or which have trees, and allows quickly finding where your grotto is.
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nivek96 answered:

Try this website,its very useful
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