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Malroth Map???

According to the quest list I have, the Malroth Grotto Map was released on Oct 29th, 2010, but I can't seem to get it. I'm 100% updated, and according to the quest list the map can be obtained by bringing an Etheral Stone to "a man" in "a cave" that's supposedly east of Zere Rocks, on the Lonely Coast - I've checked, and there is a cave there, in and in that cave is a man! A man selling Chronocrystals... But no blue quest bubble. Am I missing something here? Is there another direction called East now? Or a cave I can't see? :P

Quest Info as seen on the Quest List I have:

Quest #151 - Pushy Peddler
Location: Lonley Coast, east of Zere Rocks; Man in cave
Request: Bring him an Ethereal Stone.
Solution: Use the Alchemy Pot.
Reward: Malroth Map; Mythril Ore for repeat
Pre-req: DLC, Sterling's Whistle
Repeat: Yes
Notes: Refer to Alchemy Recipe Guide. Available for download on Oct 29, 2010.

Why for not work? D8

Accepted Answer

yab answered:

You should download a new version of that FAQ, the dates are corrected.

Notes: Refer to Alchemy Recipe Guide. Available for download on Nov 19, 2010.
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