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What's the recommended level to beat Larstasnaras?

Currently I have a level 25 Minstrel, a level 25 Martial Artist, a level 23 mage and a level 20 warrior. I have problems defeating Larstasnaras and was wondering what is the recommended level to defeat it. Help?

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Pokegirl answered:

She's usually the start of the second half of bosses (depending on what order you got the Fyggs in). I beat her at around 30, but I had a much different party than you. I would recommend taking the time to go make yourself a decent Priest-you're going to want a healer in the second half and a Minstrel just isn't going to cut it. If she's really bothering you, I'd also suggest training one character as an Armamentalist for a while. Fource is a major help.
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