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Front Row and Back Row?

So, I read that having party members in the Front Row increases their chance to be attacked, and having them in the Back Row reduces their chance to be attacked.

My first question is, are there any negative effects of being in the back row? Like, does it reduce your attack power, accuracy, or chance to crit?

Secondly, does having more people in the Front Row make it less likely that those in the Back Row will be attacked, rather than just having one person in the Front Row? By this I mean, if I have three people in the Front Row, is that one remaining person in the Back Row less likely to be attacked than if I was to have one person in the Front Row and three people in the Back Row?

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers help - it will be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Luiman04 answered:

1- No it only affects your chance of getting attacked.

2- Yes but the chances of the ones in the back not getting hit is not that different than if he were in the front.
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