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How do I beat The Dreadmaster?

Everytime I try to fight him I fail because he uses team attack spells. I have a lvl 24 Thief and lvl 25 Warrior and lvl 23 Mage. Im training on a lvl 1 gladiator. I am lvl 22 Minstrel and I have a lvl 17 warrior.

gamecheat1234 asked for clarification:

I have a thief lvl 29 a mage lvl 28 a warrior lvl 31 and a minstrel lvl 25. I am the thief. I still cant beat him

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rachelchunter answered:

I have a group of 4, all at level 40, 3 hold swords and one uses a fan. Once I got to level 40, taking the Dreadmaster down was easy. Still, you should keep an eye on your health bar, heal and restore any HP/MP when you really need it. I found that falcon slash was really useful. And it's a good idea to use the occasional "egg on" or "psyche up" in order to boost attacks. As long as you're careful, you might not even need to use items, but put some items into each person's individual inventory, just in case. But, most important, save beforehand, and try to make sure that your health isn't low before you enter battle, or the enemy may get the advantage.
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RPGaddict28 answered:

You are way under leveled go to the Bad Cave near Bloomingdale and fight metal medleys.They look like metal versions of a slime stack.
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ValkyrieCain answered:

I'm wondering how you got over to Swinedimples at that level. Late 20's is a good range to fight him.
Your description of your vocations are hard to understand. Mind clearing it up? (Ex.:)

person - minstrel lv22
person - thief 25
person - mage 19
person - warrior 21
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PokemonVeteran answered:

You need to level, plain and simple. Rpgaddict is correct in suggesting killing Metal Medleys, the amount of exp in a single fight is a lot more than what you'd find fighting a metal slime in Quarantomb. One point of strategy that i'd like to suggest for your fight against the Dreadmaster is to bring your mage. He/She should be a high enough level to use the spell bounce. Bounce is a spell that will deflect enemy magic back onto the caster, however it only works if your mage is targeted. Just something to keep in mind in protecting atleast one party member from the Dreadmaster's arsenal.
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rh3ia answered:

I have a party of:

25 paladin
31 mage
32 marshal artist
24 gladiator

I killed him first time!!! Just find as many seeds of skill as possible, and get more ability's on your weakest member of your works!!! Hope this helps!
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etwdog answered:

First LEVEL UP! Simple, but painful. try replacing your mage with a priest. I did something similar to what you did [getting a Mage] but then I needed a priest for multiheal and/or ominheal [the spells heal ALL of your members] so I ended up leveling up a priest so I wasted the time with a Mage.
When you get a sage [Quest-in the prisen, the gigaham palace on a bookshelf on the 2nd floor{top left stair case}] it helps alot.
The section on bestiary in the hints and cheats sections.
*************Hope this helps!!!!!!!*************************
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fireflygarrigan answered:

I have the same queastion how do I beat dreadmaster my levels are

minstrel lv.32
warrior lv.24
mage lv.23
martial artist lv.24

please help
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Theultranerd answered:

You need a priest.
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Theultranerd answered:

You need a priest. So you can heal up your party.
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