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How and who must you revocate to get the better grotto maps?

So I know how the process of revocation works. I'm curious about how you have to do the revocation process to get the major grotto map benefits.

I know I need to revocate 10 times to get the best of the best. However, do I have to revocate 10 times in a single class (like, get the Martial Artist to 99, back to 1, and up to 99 again over and over with a single character) or can I revocate once in 10 different classes and still get the grotto map benefits?

Further, if the last one is true, do I have to revocate 10 times with the same character (like, does my hero have to revocate in those 10 different classes), or can I just get to level 99 and revocate in a variety of different classes among all of my characters?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks so much for any answer!


Accepted Answer

yak_breeder answered:

It has to be the hero and it has to be a single class.
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