Question from dragonsakura22

How do I solve (Quest #17)?

I got the ingrediants, but I'm missing the dad.

dragonsakura22 provided additional details:

I know he's near the Hexagon but Where? Inside or outside?

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Pokegirl answered:

He's inside the Hexagon, right near the entrance from the Angel Falls side.
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Luiman04 answered:

The fathers near the hexagon
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Derak_Necron answered:

Like Pokegirl said, he is Inside the Hexagon, Angel Falls side. He should be somewhere on the first floor (the entrance floor with no monsters)

It has been a while since I did this quest, but I remember him being slightly off the main path (either down the path to the statue you used to open the door, or just on the outer ring of the hexagon walkway)
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Emical_Fire answered:

The dad is inside the Hexagon just past the part where you unsealed the door near the beginning of the game.
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