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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I get all the visitor clothes?

When I first took the elevator in the Quester's Rest to the visitor's rooms they only gave me their top. How do I get the rest of their clothes?

Accepted Answer

From: Tekkaman_James 4 years ago

Each Guest Character has at least three costume pieces. Some have four and a few even have five. Here is the process on how to receive all of your Guest Characters' costume pieces:

First Piece: Speak to them for the first time
Second Piece: Speak to them on your "birthday" (set this IN-GAME to today's date by editing your Profile)
Third Piece: Speak to them after you have canvassed 30 unique guests (i.e. - unlock the Inn's basement)
Fourth Piece: Speak to them with your main character as their respective class
Fifth Piece: Speak to them after completing DLC quest #157 (to be released 12/31/2010)

Additionally, if you equip all of a Guest Character's costume pieces to your main character, you can get special Accolades from Stella by checking your Battle Records screen. For full completion, you'll need the Wear-With-All Award you receive by Revocating a character's Minstrel class at Alltrades Abbey.

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Set the DS's current date to match your birthday and visit them all that way, you'll get more goodies, other than that your question is kind've confusing.

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