Question from toxic1212

Visitor vocations?

What are the vocations of all 23 of the people in the Quester's Rest?

Accepted Answer

yab answered:

Princeton - Mage
Princesa - none
Alena - Martial Artist
Kiryl - Priest
Borya - none
Meena - Paladin
Maya - Minstrel
Torneko - Ranger
Ragnar - Warrior
Bianca - Mage
Nera - Luminary
Debora - none
Milly - Sage
Carver - Gladiator
Ashlynn - Mage
Kiefer - Warrior
Maribel - none
Jessica - none
Angelo - Priest
Yangus - Thief
Trode - none
Morrie - Gladiator
Fleurette - Priest
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