Question from LMSfreak

Where can I find high level water (and cave) grotto map?

All I seem to get are "ruins" maps, and Ice/Fire maps....
How do i get water and cave maps? "hero" is a LVL 99 Minstrel with 3 revocations, rest of party is 99, too

Accepted Answer

Pokegirl answered:

Pitiably, while there's a formula for controlling out grotto lvl and quality to an extent, what the grotto actually IS when you get to it is still random. Also pitiably, Water grottos are highly rare, making up about only 10% of all the types of grottos. Caves are a little commoner...but really, all you can do is keep diving and hope you get a good one.
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mordsithdee answered:

As far as I know, there is a way to control (to an extent) the lvl/quality of dungeon you get, but as far as what the dungeon is I believe it's all random.
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