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How do you obtain the Class Medals?

I wasn't even aware of these items until I happened upon them on the Woodus site for DQ IX. From what I've gathered, the medal for each class boosts that particular class' strongest attribute; IE, for a Paladin it's a boost in resilience and for a Thief it's an increased chance in their ability to steal items.

In any case, I've not seen a single thread about how to acquire them. Does anyone know how you go about it? Since I haven't seen a single quest alluding to them, the only possible thing I've thought of is the revocation of that class. I haven't performed this yet, so I don't know if that is how. Does anyone have an idea?

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I had a feeling that was the only plausible way since everything else is already pretty well explained. I've got several 99's now, so I'll try revocating one I don't use that often just to see if it works. Thanks!

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Tensuda answered:

You get these medals after asking the Jack of Alltrades to revocate when you're level 99. He gives you the medal after you've revocated in that class.
Of course, you'd have to be level 99 of a specified class to be able get the medal type you want. Not sure if it works with Jack's Nack though.
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