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Where can I find Dragonlord Map level 1?

I fight Greygnarl in map "Diamond World of Death Lv. 87" repeatedly...
I even use the "hoimi" table cheat, but i am not getting Dragonlord's Map...
What am i doing wrong? i am using the hoimi cheat correctly, because i am getting the orbs like crazy...


LMSfreak provided additional details:

Thanks... although it took A LOT of tries, the jerk finally dropped Dragonlord's map ;)

Accepted Answer

Immature_Sage answered:

To get the Dragonlord map you battle Greygnarl in a grotto.
This particular Grotto boss is not like ANY of the other bosses, meaning that the drop rate for the map follows a different approach.
The hoimi cheat wont help you here, but from what I gather it SHOULD boost your chances.

You could always get an Action Replay and increase the drop rate of all 3 drops to 100%
Whats that? Don't like cheating devices? Well...

Just beat Greygnarl silly all day long until he drops the map because you WILL need the Yggdrasil leafs for the Legacy Bosses. Not to mention the Dragonlord is the 3rd hardest Legacy Boss. Also, beware the Dark Dream...
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