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Asked: 4 years ago

Armamentalist to Glad or Warrior?

Here's my team:
Pally lvl 63
Glad lvl 61
Arm lvl 45
Sage lvl 60
I was wondering, should I change my armamentalist into a warrior or a gladiator? Because I've noticed my arm isn't really good for anything but fource and i could makeshift oomph with gritty ditty. So I decided to switch it into a gladiator. But should I do warrior instead?

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Both Warrior and Gladiator are strong vocations. Gladiator is the better of the two because it has the highest physical attack power of all the vocations. You could always save Warrior for later if you need to grind for skill points.

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I would go with Gladiator. Warrior is well-rounded, but to a fault; being the base for both Paladin and Gladiator, Warrior has decent defense and attack, but it never gets beyond decent.

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Personally, I like the Armamentalist class. It can use bows, the fource, and has quite a useful coup de grace. However, if you must switch, go gladiator.

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If that is going to be your physical attacker then I`d go warriors courage `til Strength bonuses and then switch on to Glad.

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