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How do I get extra information on deafeated downloaded bosses?

Yea...I kinda took down every download before the sixth guy without realising "Eye for Trouble" lets you add extra dialouge to the beastiary (mainly since none of my characters had it before hand).

The normal bosses were automatically added because you can no-longer fight them again, but the downloadable bosses...

Is there a way to get their extra information without co-op plaing with someone who still needs to beat them.

Tensuda provided additional details:

I feared as much from the lack of replies despite being a frequently checked answers board.
Thanks for the reply.
I think I'll let Game FAQs auto answer just to make sure, as I; and a few others who have this question may not use action replays.

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MoogleNo9 answered:

As far as I know, joining a friend as they fight the boss is the only way to get their extended entry without using an external device.

Although I suppose you could use something like AR to show the quests as not completed, but this has very high glitch risk (not sure if anyone's found the code yet or not either.)

Perhaps a less risky code would be one which marked the monster as being defeated with an extended entry.
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