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Best Thief Equipment?

I just got back into playing this game a few days ago after seeing a promo and realizing i have unfinished grotto maps, and I was growing tired of the warrior class for my main two characters, and i was wondering what the best thief equipment was? Oh, and I know its off topic but what level is recomended for fighting Leviathan for Sterling's Whistle?

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The Weapons I already have for my warriors will be good for thievest need to know the armor, really.


Deefrenzy41 answered:

The armour is from the thief lvl 15 quest in dourbridge I think...
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LMSfreak answered:

Matador's Gloves, or Godly gloves

Aliahan Boots, or Sentient Sandals

Apollo's Crown, or any "seasonal" hat (eg. spring breeze)

Invincible Trousers, or Infinity Trousers

Erdrick's Shield, or Soulsucker

Pallium Regale, or Exotoga
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LMSfreak answered:

Wait for nightfall and talk with the ghost of the summoner by the shoreline. She will tell you that you need 3 items to summon Lleviathan: a Watermaul wand, a flowing dress and a silver shield. The watermaul wand can be bought on Gleeba, stolen from a Python Priest found in the Bowhole or created through alchemy, the flowing dress can be bought on Upover or created trough alchemy, the silver shield can be made through alchemy or bought at the shop in Stornway postgame.

Flowing Dress = Enchanted Robes x1 (alchemy) + Celestial Skein x3 (alchemy)
Enchanted Robes = Magical Robes x1 (buy Gleeba or steal Shaman in Badcave) + Enchanted Stone x1 (alchemy)
Enchanted Stone = Thunderball x2 (spawn or steal Cumulus Rex near Upover) + Ice Crystal x2 + (steal Brrearthenwarrior or Shivery Shrubbery) + Mystifying Mixture x1 (alchemy)
Mystifying Mixture = Bellecap x1 (spawn Wormwood Creek) + Manky mud x1 (steal Zombie) + Cowpat (spawn Zere)
Silver Shield = White Knight Shield x1 (alchemy) + Mirror Stone x3 (steal Mega Moai or spawn) + Mythril Ore x2 (spawn Gerzuun) White Knight Shield = White Shield x1 + Holy Talisman x1 (alchemy) + Mythril Ore x1
Holy Talisman = Gold Rosary x1 (steal Legionaire in the Gleeba dungeon or wight priest in Swinedimples dungeon) + Holy Water x5 + (buy at shop) + Resurrock x1 (steal green crabs or spawn)
White Shield = Light Shield x1 (buy Bloomingdale) + Seashell x5 (spawn beach east of Stornway) + Holywater x5 (buy at shop)

After getting the 3 items, talk with Jona and she'll go back to the beach where you fought Lleviathan the first time, follow her to the beach and equip the 3 items on one of your characters (since you need to equip a wand,you need a priest or a mage in your party) and you'll fight with Lleviathan again, he's a little stronger than the last time but still weaker than the final boss, after that you'll solve the quest.
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digididon123 answered:

Best Possible Thief Equipment

Weapon: Hypernova Sword
Shield: Soul Sucker
Headgear: Heavenly Helm
Torso: Legendary Armour
Hands: Sol Invictus Gauntlets
Trousers: Infinity Trousers
Boots/Shoes: Boots of Beatitude
Accessory: Order of Chivalry
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