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Vocations changes?

Ive read a couple of other questions about vocation changes but Im not sure if I should change mine. Right now my party consist of......

Lvl 21 Minstrel (main character from beginning)
Lvl 20 Thief
Lvl 19 Priest
Lvl 19 Mage

I am at bloomingdale now and I got owned by the Tyrantula.
I havent maxed anything out, and I know i need to go do some level grinding against some metal slimes, but I just wanted to know at what point should I start changeing vocations?

Accepted Answer

mordsithdee answered:

You can change voccations anytime you want, it's just a matter of grinding up to the lvl you need. LOL That's main group voccations were exactly like yours.

If you're willing to do the grinding though, I'd recommend changing thief to martial artist and ministrel to warrior...a lot more speed/attack/defence with those two. If not, I went from start of story to end without really playing any other voccations than my original ministel/thief/mage/priest combo and I did fine.
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