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How do I beat the final boss (corvus)?

I need help choosing which characters to fight him with.

Theres :
44 minstrel
44 thief
45 martial artist
44 priest


(in training)
26 ranger
26 mage
27 warrior
26 minstrel (will change back to priest

ValkyrieCain provided additional details:

44 Minstrel (sword)
44 Thief (knife)
45 MA (fan)
44 Priest (spear)

26 Ranger (bow)
26 Mage (wand)
27 Warrior (spear)
26 Minstrel (whip)

Accepted Answer

Powowid answered:

You should use:-
1- Minstrel (because he/she is an all rounder and can heal if needed)

2- MA (as he/she is strong)

3- Mage (as he/she is powerful with spells)

4- Warrior (because he/she is strong)

P.S. You should level all of them up to Lv. 50 aprox
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Powowid answered:

Oh, yes and invest in Gigaslash for your Minstrel.
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