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Confused about terms I've read, can I have some help?

I've been looking up how to make stuff in Dragon Quest: IX, and some of the things you guys say are REALLY confusing me! (sorry) These are the terms I've seen you use:


Tower of Nod (this isn't a term question, but where is it?)

post game (found this when looking up how to make agate of evolution, something about not being able to make it with out playing post game?)

And thats it! Sorry, new to Dragon Quest, and don't know a lot! X D


WildWesley answered:

DQVC- A store in DQIX that changes daily by utilizing Wi-Fi. (DQ + QVC)

Tower of Nod is north of Coffinwell, I believe you need to be able to fly to reach it, which occurs post-game.

Post-game- After defeating the final boss of the story, some credits will roll, then you can keep playing. A new quest will open up, upon completing the quest you will be able to fly. For the most part, post-game means that you need to be able to fly.

I will now tell you how you can fly, so this will be a spoiler. Upon completing the quest in Port Llaffan, Stella will allow you to pilot the starflight express.
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