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Asked: 4 years ago

What equipment is cursed?

Which equip-able items have curses on them, and how can I find them?

Accepted Answer

From: andaraen 4 years ago

Here's all the cursed equipment I could find.

Demon Whip - Rank 6 blue chest
Archdemon Whip - Alchemy: Demon Whip + Terrible Tattoo x2 + Malicite
Oh-no Bow - Rank 6 blue chest
Ruinous Shield - Rank 7 blue chest
Hades Helm - Rank 6 blue chest
Skull Helm - drops from Night Knights (Realm of the Mighty/Cringle Coast) and Blight Knights (grottoes)
Nightmare Gown - Tower of Nod, sixth floor
Terrible Tattoo - drops from Manguini (The Plumbed Depths/Hermany), Gruffon (Lonely Coast/Mt Ulzuun), Bloody Manguini (Western Wormwood/The Bowhole), Barabtos (Realm of the Mighty), Freaky Tiki (grottoes) and Garth Goyle (storyline in Zere Rocks).
Skull Ring - Rank 6 blue chests
Reckless Necklace - Rank 9 blue chests

Oh, and ValkyrieCain was right about the description mentioning its cursed state.

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Cursed equipment usually have a description saying something like "an omnious feeling".
I'm not entirely sure how to find them though.

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