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Asked: 4 years ago

Is quick save the only way you can save?

Is it?

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No you can goto churches the ones with the death symbol on the map and goto confession to save.

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I know this isn't really related to the question, but I'll tell you anyway for future reference - Quick Saving all the time is a bad idea. If you accidentally turn your DS off somehow, and you've only Quick Saved for the entire game, all your data will be lost. So only Quick Save if you need to turn off your game quickly. Sorry, I just wanted to say that.

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No, it isn't. You go to a church in found in every actual town and talk to the head guy, and the top option that appears is Confession (Save), and he says "Confess all you have done before the Almighty, my child. And would you permit me to record your doings in your adventure log" (except for the one in Batsureg, who says it in a rap sort of way). You say yes, and they record your adventure so far. If you quick save all the time, if you have to turn the game off in battle you will lose all your progress since the last time you saved, which is really frustrating. One time I was forced to do so and got kicked back three bosses.

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