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How do I beat Corvus #2??!

this is my intense team( I easily beat that black dragon)
Gladiator lvl. 48
Rangerlvl 36
Martial artist lvl38
preist lvl 36
i dont wanna change vocations.

Accepted Answer

xKnilx answered:

If you have the paladin vocation unlocked, I would suggest switching over (I know you said you don't want to change classes, but still...) and grinding up a bit to get the skill points for the Virtue Skill (It gives a bonus to HP & Resilience so it can help out with the overall survivability of your team. If the resilience bonus and health bonus from the Virtue skill isn't enough the Courage (Warrior) Skill tree provides even more resilience and health. I know it may not seem like it's going to be fun grinding up, but if you reincarnate and put the skill points towards some survivability skills it will help a great deal. I managed to beat Corvus with my team level around 38

Paladin (Formerly a Minstrel) - 38
Gladiator (Formerly a Martial Artist) - Lvl 39
Sage 1 (Formerly a Priest) - Lvl 37
Sage 2 (Formerly a Mage) - Lvl 37
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mdorothy answered:

I beat him with similar setup but jobs were levels 42-46. My suggestion is level some more. Bowhole is a good place for liquid metal slimes if you don't have a grotto map with them or king metals in it.
Good luck.
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Kaskyte answered:

I suggest leveling your priest, until he/she has multiheal, as for your mart. artist, train him A LOT more, until hes at least 40. I would suggest you take the ranger out for a mage (or armantal, or sage) for the buffs and debuffs. Just a suggest, but other than that, good luck! :)
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dylan2227 answered:

have your gladiator know Falcon Slash and know a tension raising move. Your main person should know egg on so use that on the gladiator. have your preist do healing moves and your ranger to atack

hope this helps
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links74 answered:

Dont listen to ppl above.What you need to do sadly is you have to either grind some more lvls but at this point the liquid metal slimes wont help alot.Another easy kinda way to beat him is to have a warrior and a gladiater and do a co-op de grace because its like 10X better than warriors and gladiaters combined.SO do that and it will be much easier.You should also epgrade your equips more.Thats all I can say so yea...
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chainchomp27 answered:

level up your characters more. I had:
Gladiator level 68
Paladin level 56
Armamentalist level 59
Sage level 40
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