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What are the final boss armor sets?

I have killed everything in the realm of the almighty up to Corvus round 1. I have the weapons i intend to use when I face him. but, What is the best armor I can get for a Paladin, ranger, cleric, and gladiator? (note in case it matters: paladin is a sword wielder, gladiator uses claws)

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as I do not have access to the mid-high lvl grottoes yet, what would be the best alchemised and store bought equipment?

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luckyu19 answered:

Best Shield:Ogre Shield, but you can use silver shield or boss shield.
Best Armor:Catoptric Armor would be best, you will need tons of mirrorstone though.
Sizzling Bikini Top is for others that couldn't equip armor.
Jaguarment can be a good substitute, or job specific armor works well also.
Best Robe:Ethereal Robe
Best Helmet: Minotaur Helm, assuming you alchemize it.
Papillon Mask also good enough.
Spellward Circlet for priest.
Best Shoes: Bloomingdale has best shoes for most vocation.
Gladiator would need Payback Pump though.
Best gloves:Murky Mittens
Best gauntlets:Heavy Gauntlets
Best legwear:Sturdy Slacks
Impregnable leggings if you have spare Orichalcum
Accessories is based on what you have.
Life bracers would heal 25HP per turn.
Utility Belt boost deftness.
Rosary boost magical mending.
Meteorite Bracer boost agility.
I only provide what you can get best before credit rolls without grotto.
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Leo909864 answered:

Assuming you do not have access to mid to high level grottoes, you should be fine with all the best store bought equipment and alchemised equipment. If you do have access to grottoes, each boss has a small chance to drop a specific and really nice piece of armor. I think when I beat Corvus, I used miracle swords or falcon blades and the armor that heals you each round (can't remember the name at the moment)
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