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Whats the best type of weapon for each class?

For example if Im making a martial artist should I use fisticuffs or claws or even another weapon?


ValkyrieCain answered:

It all depends on your style.
Staff: This is mainly used for power, and may cost more than Fans.
Fan: This is mainly used for power, and may cost less than Claws & Staves.
Claw: This is mainly used for power, and may cost the most.
Fists: This is used if you can't afford weapons alot.

I don't know the exact prices for everything, but I like using Fans. =]
Hope I helped you, and Good Luck beating the game! -VC
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Requiem_Blade answered:

Whatever you have the most training in.
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pikachuboy7 answered:

All classes do have a recommended weapon for them usually at the top of the skill point list .
in my opinion they go
Warrior- sword
Mage- wand
Priest- staff
Thief- knife
Martial artist- fisticuffs
Minstrel- whip
Ranger- boomerang
Mage Knight- bow
Sage- wand
Paladin- hammer
Gladiator- axe
Luminary- fan
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gara_alone4now answered:

well , personally..
from my first playthrough I never used my skill points up to alltrades abbey first visit..
because I saved it until it reached 50~100 skill points..
what for you ask ?

1. SWORD SKILL - METAL SLASH : very usefull early in the game.. especially when you progress until quarantomb where that's your first-encounter with the first-weakest-slime-family METAL SLIME..

2. SPEAR/AXE SKILL - HATCHET MAN OR THUNDER THRUST : for metal slime families (recommended).. both skills had 2 same effects.. which had 50% chance to either CRITICAL or MISS..
which will guaranteed 100% KILL with ANY OF THE SLIME TYPES when you LAND CRITICAL.. because of their LOW HP..

well , there are more than that reference..
just review at Arashmin's Leveling Guide..

for your NOTE :
all of my party members just use 2 kinds of weapons
which is AXE and SPEAR only,,
which is good and deadly..
envy those two weapons , myself..
hope it helps :)
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digididon123 answered:

Depends on you style of combat.

Sword- Hypernova Sword
Staff- Coma Cudgel
Wand- Aurora Staff
Knife- Dynamo Dagger
Fan- Dire Critical Fan
Boomerang- Galaxarang
Axe- Galaxy Axe
Claws- Xenlon Claws
Spear- Red-Hot Poker
Bow- Seraph's Bow
Hammer- Starsmasher
Whip- Uber Gringham Whip
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