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How do I get this guy out of my way?!

How do you get the guards in front of stornway castle to move? I have the Japanese version of this game (obtained via ebay) and I should have thought twice before I bought it. I can't understand a thing anyone's saying! I have a walkthrough in another tab at the moment, but it doesn't go in depth about how you get the guards to move. I have only 3 people in my party(and it's too late to add another since I already leveled my newbies up to 7 while i'm level 9)...
Do I REALLY have to have a 4th person?

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Pokegirl answered:

You don't need any party members at all. Look around; is the nighttime scenery up? If so, go spend the night at the inn and come back in the morning. Still there? If I remember my event sequence correctly, the first time you try to go to the castle the guards will block your path unless you mention that you're going to go fight the Wight Knight. Talk to the guard on the right, and choose "Yes" (fortunately I don't think it does any position moves, so "yes" should be the first option. Then they should move out of the way.
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ValkyrieCain answered:

I don't think you need a 4th person, the only reason the guards are there is because you are always going to nighttime(the lock the gate at night), or you haven't talked to the board in the middle of town.
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Requiem_Blade answered:

Also, it's never too late to add a new party member.
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